Java Update wonky?

So about a half hour ago a panel popped up on my MBP (running a completely updated HS) claiming that Java needed to be updated. I was busy with something else so I told it to go away. In fact, even if I had not been busy I probably would have done that as a precaution. Later when I had some time to look into it, I went back to Sys Prefs and launched the Java panel. But there on its update tab it’s telling me my system has the recommended version of Java (Java 8 Update 191) and there’s no option to download an update. At the bottom of that tab it also confirms that Java Update just ran so I to me that indicates it did just check if there’s an update available. I quit the panel and Sys Prefs and tried it again three times. Same behavior every time.

I don’t remember the last time I used Java (I think we sometimes use a DOE website that requires Java to run an applet but not sure, probably that’s why I haven’t just deleted it altogether) and I’m not super concerned, just puzzled. Anyway, what gives? Is there an update available or not? If not, why is a panel popping up telling me there is? And if there is, why is the Java panel now not telling me and letting me update? Any other way to get that update? Again, not urgent. Just curious.

Perhaps it has something to do with you running High Sierra? I’m running Mojave, and earlier today I got the update notice and updated. The Java Control Panel says “Java 8 Update 211”. I don’t remember what it said it was going to install.

Thanks, Paul. Can anybody else with Mojave confirm? Or anybody on HS?

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At least two issues that I see.

First, Java 8 Update 201 was released back on Jan 15, so you were already a version behind.

Second, there was an update to Java 8 Update 211 released on Tuesday, so the notification you received was correct but the Java Control Panel is giving you incorrect information, for some reason. It includes a license update, but I don’t know why that would cause any problems. It’s definitely showing up for me and I was able to update, but had to enable several new Little Snitch rules and override a code signature issue. I also had to accept the new license terms before the update finished the installation.


I’m still running plain Sierra 10.12.6 and got update to Java 8 update
211 via Java control panel.

Note: It informed me I haven’t actually run Java in over 6 months and
suggested I just remove it. I updated anyway. Had to quit browser, OK a
couple times and enter my admin password to do that.

It completed with no complaints.

Have it installed just in case I do visit a website where I need it.

AFAIK, it is better to have latest update than leave an older version.

There is a Mac FAQ here for Sierra, El Capitan and Yosemite Uninstall
directions here


My earlier post was for Mojave.

I rebooted into Sierra where I didn’t have Java installed, but had no issues installing from scratch. There were a couple of known issues with Sierra, but one is supposed to have been fixed with 8U211.

I’m now in High Sierra, but don’t really know what you are looking for. If I see a notification to update, I’ll do so. Do you need me to update without waiting for notification?


I hoped a reboot might make a difference but no dice. Oh well. I can wait around until the next update messages comes up. I do prefer not to click those just out of caution and rather initiate stuff manually just to be sure I know what I’m signing up for.

I’m still waiting to see a notification in HS or do you want me to see if it will update?

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Thanks, Al. It’s ok. If it can’t tell me it needs updating, it can’t be that important. There will always be another opportunity. :slight_smile:

It should be noted that you are now 2 versions and 6 months out-of-date. I don’t really think that could be related to your issue, but it’s a possibility.

I don’t see any sign of any serious security vulnerabilities with either of the new updates. Just a bunch of Symantec root certificates that are no longer trusted.

Apple XProtect hasn’t blocked a java 8 plugin since update 51 back in 2016, so doesn’t appear there are any Mac browser vulnerabilities to Java use.

You have until Dec 2020 to upgrade to Java 11 or 12.

You can glance through the release notes and decide for yourself whether they are important to you or not:


And just so you know, I had no issue updating from 8u201 to 8u211 in HS using the Java Control Panel, but never saw a notification. Not sure how long a notification stays on the screen. I wasn’t at the computer very much during the last two days when in HS.

See this article:

You need Java Script for many web sites these days. As for Java, I use the latest Apple Java Update for macOS 2017-001, just so my Adobe apps will work.

If you want the Java update 8.211, you can get a standalone installer on MacUpdate,

I use the Apple Java update for macOS 2017 001, which is the latest Apple Java update I can find. It says that it’s compatible with macOS though 10.13. It was released in January, 2019. I don’t use it for web apps, but just so my Adobe apps will work. Apparently they don’t require the latest version of Java. YMMV of course.

Yes, that’s the last update available for Java SE 6 which is no longer supported by Oracle, but still required by a few legacy Apple apps. Have not heard that there are issues with macOS 10.14, but I suspect it’s 32-bit and won’t work at all when macOS 10.15 is released in the fall.