Java browsing issues

In multiple browsers, when I attempt to visit websites that require Java, I get an error that I must “Enable Javascript”. Javascript is enabled in all of my browsers, but I get the error in Safari, Firefox, and Brave.

Does Java or Javascript need to be manually installed? How do I know if I even have Java/Javascript installed? I have no indication that either is installed.


Java and Javascript are in no way related, so must be considered completely separately.

Java is a very old coding language that has not been part of macOS for many years now and must be downloaded and installed from Oracle, when needed. There are very few websites that require it (I haven’t personally run into one that I recall) but is still needed to run some very old applications on a Mac that were never updated to avoid it’s use.

Javascript is part of macOS (and all other OS’s), so can only be enabled or disabled in the browser. Since it’s so widely used in the industry, most sites won’t work properly with it disabled. I too see a notice to enable Javascript occasionally, but that seems to be a problem for the site in whatever it’s using to determine that it’s disabled, which it’s not. As I recall, it has not actually impacted my visit to those sites and I simply ignore it.

You need to share the URL for the websites where you are seeing this in order to give you any further guidance.

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