iTunes is stupid (iTunes Store interface issues)

So why is it that iTunes always makes me go through extra clicks when I’m browsing the iTunes store?

If I’m in the movies section and I click on My Wish List it takes me to the the first tab of my wish list which happens to be music. Obviously, that’s not where I wanted to go. And not just because that section for me empty. Duh. Why not take me to the movie part of my wish list since I was coming from the movies section in the first place. Bonus logic, that’s the only part that I’ve actually populated. It’s not a lack of machine learning or artificial intelligence, there’s actually no form of intelligence here in the first place.

Next, I’m in the movies section and searching for a movie. So I hit cmd-f, type a few letters and hit return. Boom. I’m shown search results for my search query, but in all kinds of areas incl. Audiobooks (of which I have none and have never purchased anything) and Music Videos (!). How about, instead of dumping me into some random catch-all collection, I get shown the movie search results since that is where I was actually searching from. Again, what Apple needs here is not some fancy algorithms or AI, they just need to apply common sense and plain old-fashioned deterministic programming. How hard can that be with $250B in the bank, seriously?

I wonder if it would make any sense to request this be fixed through

It’s never a bad idea to submit feedback. It may not do any good, but it’s better than doing nothing.

I submitted it. We’ll see.