Is Your AppleCare+ Expiring? You Can Now Renew It

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Do you have an aging iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with AppleCare+ that you want to keep covered? You can now extend your AppleCare+ indefinitely, paying on a monthly basis.

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This is great news! Apple Care runs out on our 8+s next month​:grinning::clap:

Does anyone know if it’s just USA only? Or does this apply to other countries as well? I’m in Canada, and have an iPhone X with AppleCare+ that’s a couple of months away from expiring.

I hope they extend this to Macs. It would make timing new laptop purchases easier for faculty, who not only have to play dice with hardware refresh cycles but weird budget cycles and restrictions.


A very good question, and I can’t find any information either way. On the one hand, it would seem that if Apple offers AppleCare+ in your country, it would also likely offer this extension program. On the other hand, you never know how different countries might legislate such things, so it may not be possible everywhere.

When I purchased Applecare for my new iMac I was surprised that I had to allow Apple Diagnostics to be run during the purchase process. I guess that is so Apple knows the device does not have faults before issuing coverage - a bit like having a medical when buying life insurance.
I suppose this process has been in place for some time but I don’t buy a new iMac very often :slight_smile:
So I wonder if it will also apply to devices (iPhones etc) that are to be covered by extended Applecare?

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Interesting. I wonder what the prices are. I logged in as mentioned in the article, and see my iPad and iPhone (still covered), but don’t see a link to do monthly. Does that only appear after the warranty ends?

Yes, that’s correct (and annoying).

I wonder if it will also apply to devices (iPhones etc)

Yes. I had to go through a similar process with my iPhone.

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Not available in the EU as far as I can see. Would have been big news over here.