Is there such an app or add-in?

I am hoping you might be able to assist me, as I feel with your wide range of knowledge of programs/apps available, you will probably know if anyone will.

I am looking for a program/app which will allow me to add a permanent note to a webpage I am viewing. For instance, if we assume I’m reading your message below and I want to add a note to a particular item, for instance let’s look at the item – #1577, and assume I want to add a note to that paragraph, (rather like a “call-out(?)" that I could send on to someone else to alert them to the article with my comment in the “call out", my question is how do I do that?

I feel there must be a program around which you can call up probably via hot keys that will allow you to add such a note, save it, and send it on.

If you can help advise me on such a program/app I’ll be very grateful as I’m just not that astute with programs of such nature which might be around and will meet my needs.

Hey Ron,

Ghostnote 2 is the only app I’m aware of that does what you’re requesting.

I haven’t used it and am therefore unable to confirm or deny its utility.


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One ‘low tech’ option is to take a screenshot and use markup (iOS) or Preview (Mac) to annotate, and then share the annotated PNG. Not ideal, but quick for small things.


With iOS you can also create a PDF from some (most?) webpages: Share icon then select the Books icon. You can then annotate and share the PDF. This way your recipient will see the whole webpage instead of a screenshot.
You would think there is a way to jump to a particular line in a web page by adding some characters to the link URL, in the same way as web page designers add anchors (e.g. pretendDOTcom/#news). The problem is that web pages don’t actually have line numbers - they are dynamically reformatted by the web browser. This is easily observed by resizing the Safari window on a Mac.

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Actually, in IOS, when you take as screenshot of a web page, you get the option of storing just the visible portion or the whole page as a PDF. You do that via tabs at the top of the preview image.


Very true. And there is a Save As PDF command in the File menu which is another way of doing this.

There is a proposed standard to do this, and it apparently works in Chrome. But unfortunately not in Safari yet. I would love Safari to gain support for text fragments. Such a useful (potential) feature.

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LOL! Back when the web was wild, raw, new and extremely lucrative to build online shopping solutions, I joined a class-action lawsuit threat in around ‘96, when some company whose name escapes me created an Internet Explorer(?) and Netscape extension/plug-in that did exactly what you want; however, its intended purpose was to broadcast your comments (which could include hyperlinks and images) to every other user of said extension.

It was quickly weaponized to add vile, defamatory “graffiti” on every major website, and allowed competitors to paint negative comments and reviews and links to competing “superior” items, or even the same items, at a better price, right on top of any webpage, to the point you couldn’t even see the underlying page at all.

The owner of the webpage had zero say in the matter, and couldn’t block its use; it was also a total piece of hot garbage because as the comments and their images piled up, it slowed page loads and controls to an absolute crawl, with even the fastest hardware.

And, yes, dick pics. And goatsee, et al.

I can’t recall exactly, but I know all the big site owners, along with maybe GoLive, Macromedia, maybe even the browser makers, and I think the FTC/FCC, made enough noise and “inquiries”, because they “put the project on pause”, and the startup evaporated shortly after.

But, yes, such a tool which only approved persons could subscribe to mutual comments to be exchanged, could be very useful at times.

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I used to use the aforementioned app Ghostnote 2, but I don’t think it’s being supported any longer. I wrote to the developer, but never got a response.

Have you looked into Hook? I use it to attach a note to an email. It may be what you’re looking for.