Is there really no favorites list in Mac App Store?

Am I just being dense or is there really no way to bookmark a MAS item for later purchase? And unless I’m holding it wrong, the search field doesn’t appear to show recent search expressions making some kind of favorite/shopping list even more important.

I’m hoping there’s a better way than using the share button to copy the MAS item’s URL and paste that into a Notes doc for later…

No there isn’t a wishlist there. Stupid I know. I reckon Apple do this deliberately so people are more inclined to impulse buy.

There used to be a Shortcut that would create a list you could add to and use, but I haven’t used it in years, so it may/may not still be a thing. Sorry. :man_shrugging:

You can share it to a note / reminder from the share button in the top right.

Or bookmark the sharing URLs in your favorite web browser (or a bookmark manager associated with it), but I think @simon already knows about that option and want’s something built-in to the store itself.