Is there a replacement for Dave Warker's Remember?

I’ve been using Remember?, the simple reminder app by Dave Warker, for decades, but it doesn’t look like a 64-bit version is coming. Looking at replacements in calendar and reminder apps, most of them do far more than I want. That would be okay if they can import my data from Remember? in the .ics format.

Worst case I guess I can enter the data again. So I’m looking for an app that can do a basic Remember? function: Keep a window open with a list of upcoming events for a specific number of days out–not just a week or a month. You glance at it and see that Uncle Joe’s birthday is coming up on the 24th, or it’s time to check your annual credit reports. Even better would be to also put that window in the middle of the screen once every morning so it’s not missed. Remember? was not pretty but it was useful!


I would check out Due which is available for Mac and IOS. I use it on my iPhone:

Also I would check out Taskpaper for Mac.



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I use Itsycal in combination with the mac Calendar. It has the bonus you can, if you wish, configure date and/or time to your liking and keep it in the menubar to see at all times.

My code in the preferences is “E yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss”. This date format is the way I like to start the name of many of my documents.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 at 09.44.51

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I switched to Apple’s iCal a few years ago after many years of using Remember. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if I was able to import the data from Remember. I guess if I wasn’t able to, the pain must have minimal or I would remember it.

Thank you all for the suggestions. Apple Calendar does import .ics, so I moved my existing Remember? data. Itsycal is a really nice little app and it pretty much provides the display functionality I want–using the data in Calendar. I have asked the developer about a couple possible tweaks (after donating) but even without those I think it might do the trick!