iPhone number display problem

I recently received a phone call which my iPhone displayed as coming from Egypt. I declined to accept it, but later found a voicemail from that number which turned out to be from my regular health provider. The problem was that the actual number was 206 xxx-xxxx but the iPhone had interpreted it instead as +20 6xx xxx, with 20 being the Egyptian country code.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? A product of a recent system upgrade?

Interesting, some scammers use country codes, somehow spoofing them, they appear on my phone as legitimate mobile numbers based in my country. An inverse of your issue, perhaps related.

I’m going to guess that it’s a caller ID issue. A number was lost somehow, or misconfigured by the person who called. When the iPhone revived the call with only 9 digits it knew it couldn’t be a US number, which are always 10.

Sounds like a misconfiguration from your health provider’s phone system. I’m guessing that whoever set it up omitted a digit, configuring it for +206... instead of +1 206....

Although it could be an iOS bug, I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion unless you are seeing this with other numbers. iOS should just display what it receives from the network.

Yes. EXACTLY the same issue, although in my case the alleged origin is reported as “Romania,” with the calling number listed as coming from 40 followed by my brother’s home phone number (NOT his cell number, which makes it even MORE weird.