iPhone backups not shown

I have an iPhone 12 Pro (up-to-date with 15.4.1). I just noticed today that when I click on the Manage backups button, it only shows me the back up I just made. Same with if I click on restore backup. I had made a backup yesterday April 26 but it was not there. Then I went to About This Mac > Storage>Manage and the only IOS file shown there was from a few days earlier.

After making the first backup today, I made a second one. Again, Manage backups only shows the second backup I made, not the first.

When I go to ~/Library/Application Support/Mobile Sync/Backup, there is a folder there containing 261 items, all the folders are dated Today at 1:11 PM. That would have been the second backup.

I have my backups set to be on the Mac, not the cloud.

I am running Monterey 12.3.1. on a iMac 27-inch 2019.

I also use iMazing to backup my phone every day…conflict there maybe? iMazing shows my previous backups that i have not deleted yet.

Cocktail app maybe? I run it every night before shutting down. I noticed under the User tab, there is an option to clear iOS backups and software updates, but it is not checked on, and I have never turned it on. Aside from a couple of tweaks to the Internet tab, all the other options are set to default.

It used to be, that if you wanted a backup preserved (rather than overwritten by then next one), you had to right-click it and select “Archive”.

(I hope that advice is not outdated.)

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That advice was current as of my last backup, which was longer ago than I’d care to admit.

Simon -

I’m not seeing where there is an option to do that. I could not find anything phone related in System Preferences, and the iPhone window only has some button options that do not have contextual menus.

Finder iPhone window > Manage Backups… then right-click on the backup you want preserved and select Archive.

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Well I’ll be…thank you Simon - never would have found that!