iPhone App Store app, can you still show purchases?

(gastropod) #1

With iOS 11 and the App Store changes, I can no longer find a list of App purchases on my phone 8. Just updates. I’ve tried swiping, long pressing and force pressing all over the place, and looked around in Settings. No list of purchases show up, which makes it near impossible to reinstall something I know I own but can’t remember the name of.

Is there any way to get to that list on the phone?


(Mark Williamson) #2

Go to the Updates page and tap on your avatar in the upper right to get to the Account page.

Tap on Purchased.

If you are on a family account, you’ll get a choice of whose purchases to view; tap on My Purchases to see your own.

Not sure whether that intermediate page shows for a non-family account.

Mark W from my mobile device