iPhone 15.2.1 Deep Wi-Fi Settings Query

Ever since updating my iPhone SE v2 to the latest iOS
my phone is constantly receiving a password share request(?) from a colleague’s phone or MacBookPro, not sure which.

I cannot find a setting that will automatically disable, or deny these types of requests

Any thoughts, please

There is unfortunately no global switch to turn this off.

What’s happening is your iPhone and some other Apple device both have BT turned on, the other device is scanning for wifi networks and its owner is in your address book. That’s what brings up that message.

If you don’t want to share that password (or can’t) and you don’t want to turn off BT on either of these two devices, I’m afraid the only way out would be to remove this person from your contacts.


thanks, I never really made the connection vis a vis the Blue Tooth connection

Thanks. I was unaware of this “feature”. Here’s Apple’s page about it:

@jmhbpc: Since this is coming from someone you know who is in the room, maybe the easiest solution is to talk to him and see if he needs help connecting to the local Wi-Fi. If you’re not allowed to share your password (e.g. because of corporate policy), you may be able to help him get connected using a mechanism that complies with policy.


It’s built into iOS.

I love this feature, it makes something that’s normally a pain painless, getting a new device on one’s own WiFi or getting on WiFi when visiting friends or family.

I would be surprised if the feature works with WiFi networks that use per-user authentication, it should only offer to share a password that is a shared password.