iPhone 13 mini does not rotate display

I used to be able to rotate my iPhone 180° in portrait mode and the display would rotate as well, keeping everything right side up. Is there a setting in iOS 15 that I am missing? This is really annoying especially when I’m using the phone while it is plugged in because the cable on the bottom gets in the way. Thanks for any help.

There is a lock icon, mine is in the control panel (swipe down from too right corner)


On my iPhone 13 Pro Max, it seems to vary from app to app. Some won’t rotate at all. Some will rotate 90º right and left (assuming the rotation is unlocked). I did not find any that would rotate 180º (in a quick test).

This has been my experience as well. An app must be designed for rotation. Some will only work in landscape or portrait. Some will support both (if you haven’t locked the orientation).

The “reverse-portrait” mode (180º rotation) works on every iPad I’ve used, but it doesn’t seem to be a thing on iPhones. I remember using it at some point, but that was a long time ago.

I think developers can support 180º rotation in their apps, but I don’t know of any that do. Some web searching found a discussion thread where one person mentioned the Kindle app supporting it, but that’s all I found. None of my apps support this.

Aha. I am so used to my iPad always rotating that I had not noticed that the phone only does so on occasion- app-dependent.

Thanks to all. Have been setting up new mini without wifi, only 2 bars of cell signal and maxed-out hotspot. All I can say is I could not have done it without iMazing which always downloads my apps to my MBAir so I could reload them without needing cell connection.

Some iPhone apps do support 180° rotation, but I believe iOS blocks this from working for portrait orientation on any iPhone with a notch (ie FaceID). When I upgraded last year from an SE (1st gen) to a 12 mini I found that portrait 180° rotation no longer worked anywhere. I assumed that was because on an iPhone with a notch, the screen shape is asymmetrical, and so the app wouldn’t know how to draw its UI with a notch on the bottom.