iPadOS 15 misbehaving?

Ever since I updated the operating system to version 15.0 on my iPad I’m finding that many apps are slow to respond to commands and that links from emails won’t open in Safari. I’ve got a 5th generation iPad. Did I make a mistake by upgrading? is version 15.0 meant to work on a 5th generation iPad? Or is there some other problem here?

Have you got any advice for me as to what to do about this?

Has the problem continued? Sometimes it takes a day or two after a major upgrade for background processes to finish. Usually that’s seen more in poor battery life for a few days, but I could imagine it also impacting performance. If it has continued, it might be worth making sure you’re backed up, then erasing the iPad and restoring from backup, just to make sure it’s a clean setup.

It does seem to be behaving better, so I’ll hope that your suggestion explains the situation. Thanks for your help.