iPad Woes - Blank Screen/Won't Charge

My wife’s 2016 iPad Pro stopped working recently. It has undergone no violent shock or water exposure. At first the screen would show the low power image and indicate the machine should be attached to power. When plugged in it would show that it was plugged in but would not charge the battery. We tried to clean out the lightening port (though iPads are not usually subject to pocket lint!), and exhaustively tested various cables and chargers (we have a lot around), but nothing worked. Finally, it wouldn’t even display the low power image.

Apple Support (phone) was the opposite of helpful suggesting there was no battery replacement or repair program for out of warranty iPads, when the web site will happily let you sign up for repairs. We are far from any Apple store but we happened to be traveling near an Apple approved repair facility and they took a look but couldn’t get it to provide any diagnostics (duh, no power), but were more than willing to sell us a new iPad!

So, my questions are:

  • does anybody on this list have experience with this kind of issue with iPads who could point us to a solution? (We’ve tried everything suggested by Apple Support.)
  • what will Apple do if we send it to Apple for the $99 battery replacement and they find that the battery is not really the problem? (Will they upcharge to the $349 repair fee?)

Thanks for any and all thoughts.

Jack Clay