iPad Air 2, screen not responsive

I have an iPad Air2 whose screen will not respond to a touch, any time or anywhere. I have an external keyboard, so I could authenticate after rebooting (holding the Home button and the On/Off - Sleep/Wake button), but the screen would still not acknowledge any touch. Any suggestions on how to resurrect it?

Can you erase and restore from backup? That’s what I’d try first, if possible, but it could also be a hardware problem.

When I connect it to my Mac, I need to tell the iPad to trust the Mac. The default answer, which I can give from the external keyboard by pressing Return, is Don’t trust. Tabbing does not move the focus. If I recall correctly, there is also some issue with needing to turn off Find My, which I cannot do. I’m not saying that someone smarter than me couldn’t do it, but I failed miserably.