iOS: Update Apple ID Settings

(David Weintraub) #1

I keep getting this warning on my iPhone that I need to update my Apple ID settings. If I do it, I need to input my Apple ID password. This is happening two to six times per week.

I also am getting lots of app crashes – even the Settings App and Safari.

Anyone else having issues?

(frederico) #2

Every once in awhile I see this (and I’ve learned to ignore it unless I’m trying to download content or specifically notice iCloud functions failing); if it happens more than a few times, I restart my device; it may ask one more time, at which point I comply and it goes away.

(Bette Piacente) #3

I have actually been plagued by this irritation since iOS 12x on both my iPhone Xs and iPad Pro 11" - Cannot find anyway to make it stop. I have verified I am logged into iTunes, Apple, etc and my AppleID is active.

I try ignoring, then it won’t get out of my way until I enter my password. One benefit: I am getting better at entering the long and opaque password on my iOS keyboard!

(Richard Rettke) #4

This may or may not be germain. After I had the battery in my iPhone 6s Plus replaced in May, Keyboard Shortcuts syncing got messed up. I had two iPads that were properly syncing to my iMac, and my iPhone and the other iPad were only syncing Keyboard Shortcuts with each other.

I spent hours on the phone with Apple support (I actually had a guy in support would call me every Friday night about 8pm and we would work on it). Eventually escalated a higher level of support but the solution was never found.

Then, 6-8 weeks ago I think it was, there must have been an attempted security breach at Apple and my AppleID got reset. It was not a password reset but some other type of reset. I had to re-enter all my info on all my devices (1-iPhone, 3-iPads, 2-Apple TV’s). It was a pain, BUT, the problem I was having went away. Since them Keyboard shortcuts are syncing properly across all devices.

So I have not investigated if the user has a way to invoke that level of reset, but that may resolve your issue.

Hope that helps, or at least made interesting reading.

(frederico) #5

Text shortcuts sync has been the bane of my existence for three years; most of it exists because of the change in iCloud storage/sync methods between El Capitan and Sierra and High Sierra and iOS 11 and iOS 12 mixing of devices.

But at one point, also due to a security warning (not a lockout or reset) as impetus and excuse to do what I’d been dreading, simply logging out of every single device all at the same time, then logging back into each device, one by one, starting with the Mac whose text shortcuts database (and internet accounts, keychain, etc) I believed in most, has at least for now, give me a tolerable situation. (Never mind the horrific pain of logging out of iCloud on a Mac and the irreparable damage it causes.)

I still have a Sierra Mac that I have to occasionally, and manually, export/import text shortcuts using AppleScript and shell scripting to keep it up-to-date with every other device. It’s a little tedious, and I intend to put it on a watched-file daemon and let it do its work automatically for me on the local network. But I have other projects that have priority (yep, Adam, I’m hoping to return to actually working late tonight).