iOS Maps vs. Weather — which to trust

Lately I’ve noticed significant disagreement between the temperature the Weather app on iOS 12 is showing for my current location (the tab with the location services arrow) and what Maps is showing at my current location. GPS is fine, the iPhone knows my location exactly.

So which one can I trust?

I think I might have a clue. After I nuked the Weather app and relaunched it, the reading updated and matched what I get in Maps.

So what is the procedure to force the Weather app to refresh its data? I thought swiping down might accomplish that (the GUI appears to react to that), but obviously that doesn’t really manually refresh. Ideas?

Turn off your phone and wait a minute then turn it on again. That will reboot it. Be sure you have turned it all the way off.
The Weather Underground App is likely a better choice as they have weather stations in a neighborhood near you, wherever you may be. Here in Redding, the official weather station is down at the airport, (600 feet lower and 7 miles from my neighborhood. The temps can be as much as 10 degrees F different), so I get my basic weather from a Wunderground station about 2 blocks away from me when I am home.

I use Dark Sky as my weather app. The standard weather app’s privacy isn’t clear. It gets its data from The Weather Channel which sells data it collects to third parties. (According to Vice, first party apps don’t usually have a privacy issue). Dark Sky has taken a very public stand against selling tracking information to third parties.

The only reason I keep the Weather app is that I need it for weather on my Apple Watch.

I’ve had a problem with the Weather app since I got my 8+. Until the last few days, I got the weather in a neighborhood on opposite side of the borough in NYC that I live. The weather there isn’t terribly different at all, but there could be a few minutes difference between when it starts raining or snowing. I think other people might have been complaining because now it just says “Queens” with no neighborhood.

Not really. There’s a Dark Sky app on my AW, and a Dark Sky complication for the watch face. There’s also AccuWeather and Wunderground apps/complications on my Watch.