iOS - Finding an apps location

I like to group all of my apps together in folders on my iPhone so that I can find them quickly and easily. I put all of the various weather apps in the Weather folder, news apps in the News folder, all of Apple’s app in the Apple folder, etc. This morning I was attempting to find the Apple News app, but it was neither in the Apple nor News folders.So, from the middle of the screen I swipe down to bring up the Search option and enter “news”. As expected I’m shown Apple News as my top hit! Great!, but where is the app? What’s its location? Search doesn’t show the location, nor do I know how to find the location in any other way. I do know that I can hard press the Apple News icon and then drag it to the location of my choosing, which in this instance is the News folder.

But, where was the app previously? How could I have found its location?

If no folder is shown as the location, the app is either lying loose on some home page or exists only in the App Library. No way to tell which that I know.

And if you move it to the home page or dock, it may still exist somewhere else in your iPad which I have found out.

My results are the same as TallTrees. The find feature on an iPhone does a good job of allowing you to select the app, but provides NO information as to which folder it is contained in. This is definitely true for apps that are in folders.

Everything is in the App Library, but unless you create aliases manually, I don’t think any app can exist in multiple locations on its own.

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Curious, that’s not the case for me. Here’s what I see at the top of the screen when I search for pcalc, which is in my Math & Money folder:

Similarly if I search for something that doesn’t have a single match, there’s an Apps list, and any app in a folder has the folder name on the right like above.

This is on an iPhone SE 2nd gen running 16.6.1.

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I have an app on my iPad that is on the Homepage as well as on the third screen in and in the App Library. I notice it all the time on my iPad.

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That may be true if there’s only a single responsive hit for your search. This is the result that I get when I search for “news”. There is no indication as to which folder nor the location of the apps.

I don’t believe that the search app is designed to show where the app is on your home pages. Part of this may be that apps don’t necessarily need to be on one of your home pages - they may live in the App Library only.

If I search for “News”, I get two results - the Apple News app, plus the BBC News app. There is no indication on the search screen in which folder the apps are located in that case (they are both in a folder called “News”.) But if I narrow the search so that only one app can show in the results of the search - by search for “Apple News” in this case - it tells me to the right that the app is in the “News” folder.

If I search for an app that is not in a folder, but is on a Home Screen, it shows nothing to the right. The same goes for searching for an app that has no icon on any Home Screen or any folder, and exists only in the App Library - there is nothing to the right of the search result.

So, if you narrow your search to only one app, and there is nothing to the right, then you know that the app is either on one of your home screens and not in a folder (though it won’t tell you which Home Screen), or only in the App Library.

In my particular instance, I only have 1 Home Screen and News wasn’t located on it. The reason that I searched for it initially was because I couldn’t find it to navigate to and launch. It was no where to be found, other in the in Search window. With Apple’s News, I can think of no other way to search for it than typing its name, “news” :wink:

It sounds like you don’t have an icon for News at all on a Home Screen or folder - it’s just in the App Library. You can actually drag it from the search results - as you drag, it will reveal your current Home Screen, where you can drop the icon to create an icon for it if you wish.

You can search for it by using the search term “Apple News” as well - it will show up when you use that as a search term.

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Then you must have inadvertently created an alias—just delete one of the icons on the Home screen.

Search is case sensitive. Searching for news showed ALL apps with news in it including Apple News but without their locations. Searching for News returned ONLY Apple News along with its location.

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I haven’t found a way to find the location for apps that I haven’t placed in folders, so when I want to know the location of an app that I plan to use frequently, I find the app in the library and drag it to a location.