iOS 16 favorite features?

I’ve yet to pull the trigger on installing iOS 16, but am very close. That being said, I’m curious what your favorite feature(s) are of iOS 16, and what compelled you to install it on your iPhone?


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I do like the new lock screen myself.

I do like the ability to undelete messages (though I haven’t had to yet) and, in particular, edit messages after forgetting to check for misspellings or wrong predicted text.

The focus features are a little better. One is that my Apple Watch can change to a particular watch face when the focus starts and return to where it was when the focus ends. I used to do this with Shortcut automations, but now don’t need them to run anymore.

I just used multiple stops in maps yesterday. If I needed to do this before, I used Google Maps. I like to use Apple Maps whenever I can, as it syncs turn to turn directions to my watch, which taps my wrist with haptics when turns approach. (I didn’t need that particularly yesterday, as I was the passenger, but it’s nice when I am alone in the car.)

All of those really are relatively minor. Probably the biggest reason for me was to get watchOS 9 and its improved features for workouts (plus, of course, it was necessary to pair with my new watch, which I received last Friday.)

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Multiple stops in maps - can you create your own stops or are we still restricted to the Apple’s categories?

Not sure by what you mean about categories. We were driving home after visiting family and decided to stop at a favorite brewery for beer along the way. I first searched for the brewery, added it, then add stop, searched for my home address, tapped it, and it was added as a second stop. You can edit the stops and drag them around if you wish. Basically the same functionality that exists in Google Maps IIRC.

But that was while you were already enroute, correct? In iOs 15 I can see no way to add intermediary stops before starting a route. I can see no way to add stops ahead of time. Example - I have a long drive coming up and have pinned/favorited in map good places to let dogs out. The pins will show (not as red pins but blue arrows). But I can see no way to add anything other than a pin/favorite and in any case, no intermediary mileage/time. And when en route, When I hit “ add stop” I am shown categories - Gas, Fast Food, Parking, Banks, etc but not “Contacts”.

For IOS 16.x:

In planning, after you set your initial stop, the Directions box shows tan ‘Add Stop’ button below the destination. tap it to use the standard Maps search dialog to add a new stop. You can then change the stop order by dragging the new stop via the ‘list icon’ showing on the right side of button. You can add more stops the same way.

Well, we were already driving, but not navigating. It’s a drive we we’ll know. We just wanted to know how much extra time the stop would have added to our drive home.

Nope. Enter address of destination. Map shows it, under map is address, time and ellipses (…) the dots pop up Guides, share, add to contacts, ec. So I tap the blue time bar which takes me to map showing route. Still no tan box or “add stop” anywhere. So I tap green GO. Route starts, and bottom arrow brings up “add stop” . Tap that, and all I get is list of categories, no search bar to add contact. IPhone 13 mini, iOs 15.7.

I believe you are using IOS 15.x. The general topic is about changes in IOS 16 and the new ‘Add Stop’ process is part of IOS 16.

iOS 16 added multiple destinations.

Sorry guys. When Doug asked me about the categories I interpreted that as meaning he didn’t even see the categories in iOS 15. So what I understand now is that in 16 it sounds like the categories are replaced by a general search capability to add stops. Very nice! Thanks for your patience.

Don’t like it much so far but I’ve installed it just to make DoorDash work again….

I love it and hate it. It’s definitely not designed with the SE home button models in mind. Safari and spotlight and notifications are a mess. New home screen interface is abysmal.

But it adds some useful stuff.

  • Translate selected text is an essential feature for me.

  • The swipable select menu is mostly great.

  • Currency conversion of selected text appearing in there is just brilliant.

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