iOS 16 dictation - better, but needs getting used to

At first I thought the new dictation in iOS 16 was really clumsy and awkward. That’s mostly because the tapping, etc., are very different now. But after getting used to it, it seems to actually work better (in both English and Japanese) than the older way. The main thing that confused me was that you tap once to start dictating and then tap the mike icon again to stop. Previously you tapped the keyboard icon to switch to keyboard and stop dictating, but with the new system you can actually dictate and type at the same time.


I’m a little sad you can’t edit with your voice, as you could with the Voice Control Dictation accessibility approach. But the new iOS 16 dictation is definitely an improvement over the iOS 15 system.

I agree with you wholeheartedly on all counts, @doug2. I’ve been using iOS 16 in beta all summer, and love the dictation function more than ever. I also work in both Japanese and English, and it’s great to be able to both edit and switch languages all in one dictation session. The more you use it, the more you’ll love it, I think.

Let’s share tips here as we use it more.

And hang in there… enjoy dictating more than typing!

I generally do like it. It does seem to miss smart periods and dictated punctuation in English and Japanese sometimes and I have to go in and fill it in. But in general I do like it.

Maybe I have better luck with punctuation because I used to dictate to dictation software years ago and it trained me well.

It takes some practice, to be sure!

Maybe. I had less trouble with the dictation in iOS 15. It does work usually, but in more cases than before it doesn’t. Maybe it’s the changed UI that is interfering. I’ll keep at it.

I’m sad that iOS 16’s dictation still doesn’t allow voice editing (“Change well to while” or “capitalize Voice Control”) like Voice Control’s dictation does.