iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 annoyances

Am I the only one that dislikes these changes?

Used to be you could select some text in a mail and then hit reply and only that part would be quoted…doesn’t work any more.

Used t one…clicking a link or otherwise leaving Mail to Safari left the currentely selected message both selected and visible in the left column…now it is still selected but is out of sight high in the left column.

This one predates version 16…clicking delete or the trash can goes to next message above or below depending on last direction you were going…that still works mostly…but clicking reply icon, selecting a flag, and filing in another folder skips a message and selects the second one in the previous direction of movement…but only the first time in a Mail session…subsequently doing it again selects the next message as expected.

(edited to remove erroneous reference to Ventura…these are mobile OS’s only)

Are you talking Mac or iOS? (I’m confused because title says iOS but post talks about Ventura)

Monterey Mail has a pref for how to compose reply — all or only selected bits. Are you saying in Ventura that’s no longer a user-selectable option?

I assume that you’re talking about Ventura here, not the mobile OSs. In that case, I see no changes for these two actions:

  1. Selecting part of a message and then replying uses only the quote in the reply. However, that action is controlled by an option in the Composing tab of Mail’s settings.

  2. Leaving Mail via click ing a URL does not alter the index scroll for me.

Ooops…talking only about iOS/iPadOS and not Ventura. I did check and the latter still has the option to quote only selected text. It used to work like that pre iOS/iPadOS 16 but no longer and there’s not a similar selection in System Prefs.

My bad…not talking about Ventura at all, iOS and iPadOS only. Used to work like macOS with selected text but no longer does and I don’t see anything in Mail in Settings similar to the macOS one…and the change in index scrolling is only on the mobile OS’s.

I thought iOS used to…? But it certainly doesn’t under 16. I went all through settings, tried several search strings in cased they moved it, no luck. I can see no reason to remove it, but there is a lot of that going around.