iOS 16.1.1, iPadOS 16.1.1, and macOS 13.0.1 Ventura Plug Two Security Holes

Go to Settings → Wallpaper. Create a new wallpaper set. Assign your current image to the lock screen. Assign whatever you’re using for your home screen to that screen:

Once it is created, you can customize the screens. From there, you can customize the date-line, the time font, and add other widgets:

You can’t make the time-font any smaller, but you can select one that maybe looks better.

This is exactly right. The issue is not configuring a new screen.

The problem is that people have to recreate the one they had first.

This is a bummer because a) not everybody will easily find that one image they used many moons ago and perhaps more importantly, b) you’ll lose the crop/edit you originally did.

It’s plain silly that Apple won’t provide for editing new screen features on top of existing, IOW without recreating the existing first.

When I did this on my phone (after upgrading from 15 to 16.1), there was a “Customize” button on the legacy wallpaper screen. Tapping it brings up a panel where you are asked to make a copy before editing.

The copy has the same lock-screen image, and can be edited.

The problem here, unfortunately, is that there is a bug where the lock screen image is used for both the lock screen and the home screen in the copy. So you still need to fix up one of the screens. But not necessarily both of them.

When you hit customize on your original wallpaper your only option is “Add New” and then you’re dumped into the generic lock screen editor. There is no option to retain the original image with its edits and crops. At least there isn’t here on 16.1.1.

Strange. I clicked that same “Add New” button, but the editor that popped up had my original lock (but not home) screen image pre-loaded.

Maybe it’s because I have the image in my phone’s Photos library? Maybe it’s different if the image isn’t available anywhere other than that legacy lock screen.

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Make sure the image itself is in Photos assuming you still have the original. Then make a new Lock Screen, set the clock as wanted, and add the picture…or you could add several pictures if wanted. I also made an image with if lost numbers on it…there used to be an app that would add them but the last time I updated I just did it with Photoshop to add the text to the jpg file. Unfortunately…they made the iPadOS Lock Screen huge clock font too…and it can’t be changed, hopefully they’ll fix that.

I was not able to copy mine. While I still had it on my phone, I couldn’t seem to crop it the way it had been so I found a similar one to use.

The wallpaper was a whole other story. It had been a random picture I took over the river on a bike ride a few years back. I’m sure it’s still on my phone but I couldn’t find it again.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I’ll be cooling my heels as I wait to see whether Apple returns control over the offending feature.

Updated to iPadOS 16.1.1 two days ago and discovered Face ID was not working. After some internet searching found the Apple Support routine for resolving the problem and followed it. This resulted in a message advising me to bring the 3rd Gen iPad Pro to an Apple repair shop. At that point I looked at the Face ID settings and clicked the Reset Face ID. That resulted in a new set up Face ID process which I followed and once again I have Face ID without bringing the 3 year old iPad in to the shop.

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My MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) M1 is still running Monterey 12.5.1. Worth upgrading? Do I gain actually useful new features?