iOS 15.7.2 and iPadOS 15.7.2 Block Exploited Security Vulnerability

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Update to these versions of iOS and iPadOS to protect your older iPhone or iPad from malicious Web content that takes advantage of a now-fixed WebKit vulnerability.

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I’ve read elsewhere - and can now confirm from my wife’s phone - that phones that can run iOS 16 that are still on iOS 15.7 or 15.7.1 will not be able to update to 15.7.2. Now it’s only offering 16.2 as an update.

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Thanks for that detail—I don’t have any such devices anymore. Updating the article…

A further correction is needed: iPads supported by iPadOS 16 but still running iPadOS 15 or earlier are able to update to iPadOS 15.7.2. Software Update offers 15.7.2 by default with 16.2 as an option.

This only applies if you do software updates via Settings on the iPad. If you use iTunes/Finder to install updates (including restoring devices) it only offers iPadOS 16.2 for these models.

iPhones supported by iOS 16 are indeed only being offered iOS 16.2 - the iOS 15.7.2 update is only available for older iPhone and iPod Touch models limited to iOS 15.

I can confirm this because I’ve kept a few devices able to run iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 on version 15 for testing.


I can confirm @dempson info.

Four devices: two iPads currently running iPadOS 15 and two iPhones currently running iOS 15.

  • The two iPads offered both 15.7.2 and 16.2.
  • The iPhone SE offered only 15.7.2 because iOS 16 is not supported on this device
  • The iPhone SE3 offered only iOS 16.2. I did not upgrade this device. Still on 15.7.1.

Gah! Thanks for the details, @dempson and @david_blanchard. Davids to the rescue…

My guess is that Apple is giving iPad owners a little longer because iPadOS 16 didn’t ship at the same time as iOS 16.

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I am having a strange problem trying to update my older 9.7" iPad Pro (iPad 6,3). I can download the update, but when I click “Install Now” I get an error message saying “Unable to Verify Update iPadOS 15.7.2 failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet.” Of course I AM connected to the internet as I am able to browse the web, check my email etc. I have tried on different WiFi networks and even tethered to my iPhone’s cellular connection. I tried turning Airplane Mode on then off, and turning WiFi off then on. I restarted the iPad. I keep getting the same error. Has anybody encountered this problem and come up with a solution?

I’d try deleting the update (it should be Settings / General / iPad Storage; wait for it to update; in the list, hopefully you’ll find the update file, tap it, and delete it). The restart the iPad and either try the update on the iPad itself, or attach it to a computer running iTunes (or a post-Mojave Mac on the Finder) and run the update from there.

Well it gets weirder. Deleting and redownloading the update led to the same error. So I tried doing the update from my computer. The first time I tried, it gave the exact same error but on the computer this time. So I tried again and now I get a message saying that 15.7.1 is already the latest update. Clearly this needs more investigating.

I did upgrade my iPhone 12 mini to 15.7.2 recently, only to find a serious annoyance. I have iMazing set up to automatically backup my phone over wifi each day. It was very convenient and totally automatic. With 15.7.2, this can no longer happen. I have to enter the phone’s PIN every time iMazing tries to do a backup. It will not even use Face ID - it has to be the PIN. iMazing tech support says this is a change Apple made with no way around having to enter the PIN.

I have been holding off upgrading my iPad for this reason.

Yep, it sucks. :facepunch: We’ve had two threads on it already.