iOS 15.1.1 Prevents Dropped Calls on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

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Apple has released iOS 15.1.1 exclusively for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 to address a bug causing dropped calls.

There must be something major to this update that they’re not telling us about.

On my iPhone 13, after the update, it proceeded to re-install 29 of my apps, most of which did not have updates available since I last updated them (a few days ago). But everything seems to be working OK after the reboot and none of the apps lost any data.

My 13 Pro Max updated without incident.

That’s probably because it offloaded them to free up space to allow for the update.

I hope not. There’s over 100GB of free space on this phone.

Same here on my 12 mini.

Odd. Perhaps there was a compatibility issue between those apps and the update?

Maybe. The only thing I can think of, if it’s not a bug in the iOS updater, is that a few days before, I used iMazing to copy three games (and their state) from my iPod Touch to the iPhone.

Everything copied and ran without incident after the copy, but I suppose it may have tickled something to make the updater think these apps were in need of an update, even though those apps didn’t change during that copy operation.

But where is the 15.1.1 update? I just updated my iPhone XR from basic iOS 15, and the only option was 15.1. Once updated, Settings/General/Software Update says “iOS 15.1. iOS is up to date.” Maybe the update isn’t intended for the XR?

Yep. Check the article title. :slight_smile:

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D’oh! But I find it strange and confusing that Apple would issue a point release for just certain phones, meaning that your “current” version of iOS 15 may differ from my equally “current version” of the same operating system. Oh, well, no stranger than refusing to alphabetize Settings, I guess.

That’s unusual, but not unheard of. I suspect it has to do with internal builds and the like.

Fwiw, Apple did this last year with 14.2.1, which was only released for the iPhone 12 series of devices.

What is an interesting question, though, is whether you could restore a backup from a device running 15.1.1 to an older iPhone running 15.1 that can’t install 15.1.1?