iOS 14.8.1 or move to 15.3.1

iPhone XR - perfectly happy with features in iOS 14.8.1 except for potential security issues.
Feeling nervous about iOS 15 but maybe 15.3.1 is a good time.
Comments appreciated.

Welcome, @tucker. It would help folks offer opinions if we knew what made you nervous about iOS 15. Is it potential stability, security, compatibility with your model of phone…or something else? I’m not saying you should or should not migrate; just seeking clarification. :slight_smile:


Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comments. I am ALWAYS nervous about updating software. I tend to stay the course when something works (whether computer products or guitar strings).

That said your points are well taken – number one issue for me is always security. Number two might be stories of excessive battery drain, followed by s/w compatibility and random crashes. Though I would imagine that by 15.3.1 most developers have figured out all that stuff.

Seems to me that updates to iOS 15 have come much faster than in iOS 14, indicating core issues that needed quick sorting out by Apple

Thanks for the clarification. I personally don’t see any reason you should not update. I’m not aware of any ongoing issue with iOS 15, and I’ve been using it pretty much since v15.0 was released. That said, I don’t have your model of iPhone, so you may want to seek out the experience of other XR owners before taking the plunge. Hopefully someone here fits that bill!


I also upgraded my iPhone and iPad. Apple advising that it addresses a serious “actively exploited” security issue is enough of an incentive for me. It downloaded quickly, and I haven’t run into any problems so far. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

For the most part, the iOS 15 updates have either been for features that didn’t make the initial ship date or for security updates. There haven’t been an undue number of bugs.

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