iOS 13 issues you've encountered?

I’m curious how many folks have installed iOS 13, and what, if any issues you’ve encountered. With iOS 13.1 right around the corner, I was planning to wait for it, though I could be persuaded not to. :blush:

Installed it my wife’s and mine iPhone (7 and 7Plus respectively). No issue up to now.
One happiness: In Health the favorites don’t disappear from the Summary if you have not added info (for example, I weight myself every day. I had to go to the previous day to click on Weight and add the new value). I believe it was so in iOS11. Maybe some day Apple will put other dates in Contacts also in the Calendar. (And allow custom formatting of telephone numbers. Not every country uses (xxx) xxx-xxxx)
Dark theme I might find it useful when i go to bed and I like to read. I don’t use it in Mojave (I don’t like black on my mac).

No issues with my iPhone 7, except that I’m aware of the vulnerability to Contacts harvesting hack if anybody else obtains physical access to it. I don’t feel that’s likely to happen before Tuesday and don’t have any sensitive contact information in any case.

Is there any real advantage apart from a specific feature you were after? Is it noticeably faster? Does it perform better/worse or the same on older hardware?

For me, the specific feature is worth the (seemingly minor) risk - namely the ability to send robocalls directly to voicemail so I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to not answer. I only wish my office landline had the same option!

I haven’t noticed any major speed improvements (iPhone X), fwiw, not sure if I would notice in any case, I can’t say I noticed any app running slowly in iOS 12 either.

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If you want to format for international telephone numbers try placing a plus sign (+) before entering the number in your Contacts app.

I haven’t had any major issues, but if you’ve waited this long, you might as well wait for 13.1 on Tuesday.

Good advice.

In fact, I usually put +1 before even US numbers in my phonebook just so all my calls work when I’m on travel overseas.

In Siri Shortcuts, you no longer set the Siri phrase to activate the shortcut. Instead, it just uses the shortcut title. This threw me off because I didn’t think you could set the firing phrase anymore. I actually reported it as a bug.

Disappointed with Find My and AirPods. My issue is putting the AirPods away and not being able to find the box. However, you cannot use Find My with AirPods unless they’re connected via Bluetooth and they’re out of the case.

I guess it’s good if one falls out of the ear.

I’ve had a problem entering data into Calendar. I’ve had the problem on new entries and on editing existing entries. I’ll bring up the screen and I can’t enter anything. I’ll cancel, attempt to enter again and this time everything works.

I upgraded yesterday and this has happened at least 6 times.

iPhone 7+ IOS 13.0

I’ve been on the phone with apple for several hours re this update - I currently have 13.1 and still do not have all my music available having both iTunes Match and Apple Music subscriptions - that’s the first issue - the next is that connecting the phone to my MBP requires a download to recognize the device and a restart and some time before it will actually connect - after the above it will then charge and connect to photos and iTunes - another issues is personal hotspot is no longer able to toggle on or off in preferences - its just gone - trying to use it via the MBP does not connect - another issue is that in the music preference there is apparently supposed to be an iCloud music library preference - at least on my XSPlus that preference is not there - I have sent a screen shot to apple but have not heard back from them - presumably that is why my nearly 100K items in iTunes is not available on my phone - there are a few other minor issues but the one positive as advertised is that Face ID seems to be much faster!

Yep. This is great. Unfortunately I’d recommend waiting for 13.2. This new version of Safari is really bad. Pages load then go white. Then no pages load until force quit. Double tapping a text column doesn’t consistently zoom in anymore. Really basic stuff.

Mail is not working properly on my iPhone 8. There are a couple of issues, one of which has been addressed in 13.1. They are:

  • Deleting messages while in the message view not working properly. In 13, if the message I was deleting was the last one in that particular folder, the message would delete, the view would default back to the empty list view (as it should), but then an instant later, the view would shift back to an empty screen in some sort of nowhere land between the list view and the message view, with the text “No message selected” (or words to that effect) in the middle of the screen, and I’d have to tap the back arrow to get the empty list view back. That appears to be fixed in 13.1.

  • Messages not downloading into Mail upon arrival if the phone is locked when they arrive. My Watch vibrates and shows me an arriving message, as normal. I pick up the phone, and the preview of the new message is showing in the lock screen, as normal. But when I unlock the phone, the Mail icon does not show any badge — no indication of a new message. I open Mail, and the inbox list view has no new message in it, but within a second, the message downloads and shows up in the list. If I hit Home and go back to springboard, the Mail icon now has the badge, indicating a new message is waiting for me. This is still happening in 13.1.

I installed v13.1 on both my iPhone and iPad, and have experienced the same thing with Safari. I thought it was due to running 1Blocker X! I’ve found that going into Reader View “fixes” the white/blank page that we’ve been experiencing.

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Thx for the tip. I’ll try it.

Another problem I’ve noticed with 13.1 is that if you invert the screen (which I still do at night in apps that don’t have a dark mode) sometimes it suddenly flips back back to a white screen. It might only be for a second, or get completely stuck. This can happen while just looking at the screen, not touching anything.

I often have my phone read the screen to me, whether long articles while I’m driving or emails or something else. In iOS 13 there is a neat new feature that allows you to specify with a tab where to start reading. This is helpful if you’ve already read half of a long article and you don’t want to listen to the first half.

However, I have found that this new feature almost never actually works. Various things happen, but the most common seems to be that it will start reading where are you specify and stop half a sentence later.

Running iOS 13.1 on iPhoneX and iPad OS - sharing notes is not working on the phone either by text or email; can’t create shared folder on the iPad. Cursor spins endlessly…

And another issue on iOS 13.1; can’t view MIME attachments from within Mail app; instead get options to convert to PDF, print, save to Files or dropbox. I get these from a mail list that I’ve set to send digests. Of course, I’d prefer to read the contents and then just delete the email if there’s nothing I want to save. Worked that way in iOS 12…