iOS 13 for iPhone SE

Could be. I know it is large! (she also has an iPad mini that won’t go past iOS 12)

Note that iMazing relies on Apple’s command line tools for working with iThings data. If Apple removes those, it’s not clear if iMazing can do anywhere near as much as it does now, if it can work at all.

I don’t expect that Apple will kill local sync in a hurry, because they do pay at least some attention to enterprise/government/education customers who cannot legally or sensibly back up to most clouds even with end to end encryption. Sadly, actual security is kind of a small part of HIPAA and FERPA. The CYA legal agreements are more important, and AFAIK Apple doesn’t do that, at least for higher ed.

So far, I’ve had no trouble backing up / syncing iOS 13.3 iPhone 8 and iPad mini 5 to iTunes 12.6.5 (with the ios app store) and iMazing on El Capitan. YMMV, newer devices may need newer versions of MacOS and iTunes (or Finder in Catalina).


Feb 9, 2020
I did it yesterday-all went fine.
Thought the added security was beneficial-
Thanks Adam.

So now all my messages are green and not blue. And almost all my contacts have iPhones and are not using android devices. I also cannot get the green messages on my computer any longer. Anybody got any ideas about this?

Sounds like iMessage is not active. Check its settings.

A few messages I sent to my SO were green this week as well. His were returned to me as iMessages. And Maps have been miserable for me, I wonder if there is something going on in the Apple network.


Whenever I get unexpected issues with anything to do with Apple or iCloud I check the System Status at It is kind of small but the link is right at the bottom of the iCloud window. No need to log in to iCloud to check the overall status of services.

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