iOS 13.1 seeded to Public Beta Testers Today

This is an interesting article. Will customers see iOS 13 this fall? Or iOS 13.1?

Public beta testing stopped today as Apple released iOS 13.1 to both developers and the public beta testers.

I don’t think there’s much that’s interesting here. To my mind, Apple has declared iOS 13.0 feature-complete in preparation for the September launch and is moving on to testing iOS 13.1 with features that were pulled from 13.0. It’s unlikely that 13.0 will see many more changes before shipping, and it’s entirely possible Apple won’t release even another developer beta of it.

Based on previous similar history, iOS 13.0 will be released simultaneously with the sale of new hardware next month. 13.1 may be released as soon as October with some additional features that were promised at WWDC but weren’t ready 13.0.

To speculate on the author’s final question, I believe there will be at least one additional build of 13.0 with added support for the new hardware that was purposely left out to avoid revealing those details to testers and perhaps dropping some features which have been troublesome during beta tests, but I doubt that even developers will see that build before release.