iOS 13.1.1 Fixes Bugs and Keyboard Security Issue

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Apple has quickly updated both iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 to version 13.1.1 to fix a variety of bugs and address the keyboard security issue.

As with the 13.1 update, I found that after installing 13.1.1 I needed to shutdown and restart my iPhone in order to connect to my (Australian) ISP Telstra. Check for the “No service” message after you update.
I didn’t notice any problems using 13.1 and 13.1.1 seems to be ok so far.
Update: I see that 13.1.2 is covered in another thread

Mail still behaves like beta software, on iOS and iPadOS.

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On the iPad, I’m having an issue where it becomes difficult in Safari text boxes/fields to set an insertion point, as I can’t get past it selecting an entire word. Multiple attempts are needed.

I have found various situations where a selectIon (eg to fill in forms or to copy text) defaults to selecting an entire word. It is now difficult to set an insertion point between words or at the end of a sentence. Irritating.

It is now difficult to set an insertion point between words or at the end of a sentence

I agree — the new text selection system is way worse (I almost never want a whole word selected).

However, you can touch and hold the space bar to turn the keyboard into a trackpad and that gives you a cursor you can position exactly where you need it.

iOS 13 also caused the keyboard to fail to appear even though you clicked in a text box. You just saw the cursor, but no way to enter any text. Suspect that was a bigger problem than their excuse about security issues. This was only partly “fixed” with 13.1 and 13.1.1.

Is there a way to revert back to iOS 12?

It’s far from easy and you have about a week left to do so. You might loose data in the process and will need to reorganize all of your applications.

I am not having this problem on either my 10.5" iPad Pro or iPhone 7. What model device are you seeing this on?

It was an intermittent problem, on an iPad Air 2, but only way out was to close the app and try again.

Same Mail issue here. Sometimes one message is highlighted on LHS, while an entirely different message is displayed on RHS (in landscape view, with keyboard attached). Sometimes NO message is highlighted on LHS. So it requires extra steps to make sure both LHS and RHS match up correctly before deleting, moving, etc. This seems like such a basic thing, it’s hard to understand how they got it wrong and didn’t notice it.

I’m not sure this is really much different. iOS 12 and earlier certainly select by word a lot, and editing a URL in Safari’s address field always started with the entire thing selected before too.

Yep, this is the trick for deselecting when everything is selected and there’s nowhere to tap to deselect otherwise, such as in that Safari address field.

I’m not sure this is really much different. iOS 12 and earlier certainly select by word a lot

Yes, but before you could get the magnifying glass cursor. That’s no longer an option.

I’d guess 80% of my cursor needs on iOS are correcting typos and autocorrect mistakes within words, and the new text section system makes that much more difficult.

Mark Smith noted an intermittent problem on an iPad Air 2.
There have been reports in the Apple Support Communities of various problems specific to iPad Air 2 and iPadOS 13/13.1.