iOS 13.0 Now Available; iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 Moved Up to September 24th

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Apple has shipped iOS 13.0, but given the number of bugs reported in early iPhone 11 reviews, you might want to wait for iOS 13.1, which Apple moved up to next Tuesday.

I checked for the update on my iPhone Xʀ and it didn’t show up.

That’s not unusual—these things don’t appear for everyone simultaneously. Josh has watchOS 6 installing right now, but my iPhone’s Watch app doesn’t see it yet at all.

There are reports* that the revised Reminders app for ios13 is not currently compatible with Mojave which makes it just about useless for me. Given that Catalina is just around the corner is there any hope that Apple will fix the problem for Mojave?
It would be appreciated if Tidbits could monitor this issue.

I thought that Apple was clear about the new Reminders database format requiring Catalina.
"After the upgrade, you can view your reminders in these places:
“* The Reminders app on your other Apple devices if they’re running iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS 10.15 Catalina, or watchOS 6, and signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.”

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I had no choice but to upgrade to IOS 13.0 as I received my new iPhone 11 Pro on Friday. When you first open Reminders, you are told it is incompatible with older versions and offered the opportunity NOT to upgrade. I can’t remember what the default choice is, but, obviously, until all your Mac devices are on the fall 2019 releases, you should not upgrade. I have run Reminders on my phone since and while there is an ‘Upgrade’ button above the index of my reminder lists, there is no pressure to tap it. I suspect that the iPad and Mac system upgrades will all have similar screens, so that you won’t have to upgrade Reminders until all your devices are upgraded. Until that time, you can safely maintain your reminders in the previous format.

On a different note, I was pleasantly surprised to see features added to Apple Mail to make it more compatible with Mac Apple Mail, in particular the treatment of flags (a key to how I track my email). Multi-colored flags are now supported and viewing flagged email goes across all iCloud mailboxes, not just the Inbox. While there is still no support for Smart Mailboxes (an essential element of my handling of email), the new treatment of flags goes part way to allowing me to work with email on on phone in a similar manner to how I do it on my Mac.

Alan & Mark - thank you for the advice. I appreciate that there is an upgrade warning when first opening Reminders. My concern is accidentally upgrading from one of my devices.
As I indicated on another thread here, I am in no hurry to upgrade to Catalina when it is released due to the fiasco with 32-bit apps. There will also be many Mac users that cannot upgrade to Catalina due to hardware issues. So there should be pressure on Apple to make macOS Mojave (and earlier?) compatible with the new Reminders.

The article’s advice is to now hold off until 13.1 is released tomorrow. Sure, makes sense. How long though should we hold off on 13.1 until we can assume that there’s no egregious bugs there? :wink:

I see zero chance of that happening. It would just cause a similar issue for those who prefer or must stick with iOS 12 and below.

I know of nothing unique about 13.1 that would change the normal rules for how long to wait. I would advise anybody that already updated to 13.0 to do so immediately to resolve the Contacts vulnerability.

Also for those of us that use a mix of machines, some of which may never be able to use the new Reminders format: It would be great to temporarily disable the ability to change to the new format completely, at the AppleID level, to avoid accidental upgrades.

I had a similar problem with my 5th gen iPad. Checked for the update all day, was told that my pad was up-to-date with 12.4. I checked again late in the day, same result. So I decided to erase my iPad and start over. After connecting my iPad to my iMac I was promptly told that iPad OS 13.1 was available! Problem solved, but I have no idea why I couldn’t update as usual. (WiFi strength and battery charge were more than enough.)

I’ve asked this question elsewhere and had no answers [at all]. So now I’m hoping that you or your readers can supply an answer for me.
After updating to iOS 13.1 my email which used to go into specified folders no longer does it and I have to do it manually.
Did I fail to check something off? Is this a bug that anyone else has reported?
What can I do to alleviate this really frustrating problem?

How are you doing email filtering, and with what email provider? That’s not something that can be set up in Mail on iOS as far as I’m aware, so if it has changed, I’d look elsewhere (like iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, etc).

Thanks for the swift reply Adam.
For the most part my email comes through both Road Runner and gmail.
This all in an IMAP setup and it’s the exact same way my mail setup is on my desktop and that hasn’t changed at all.
I can’t say that I’ve totally nailed it down to one provider over another which, if that were the case, would seem to make your suggestion plausible. But since it seems to be happening on two different providers I don’t think (and I try to do that as little as possible!) that will prove to be the case but having said that I’ll take a look.

To further muddy the waters I just did a test by sending myself an email via both providers and it did go into the folder automatically. Now I’m even more confused!

You’re right Adam I’d forgotten the exact way things used to work. So although the mail didn’t actually go into a particular folder, when I chose to “move” it Mail would show me the folder it thought it should go into. I forget if I actually set it up that way or if Mail is just doing it because it recognized what had been done before. In any case it’s not always doing that now. So perhaps what I noted yesterday was just an example of it remembering what had gone on before or maybe not!

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t use Mail, or file messages, so I can’t comment on how it might have changed. My vague understanding was that Mail used to guess at which folder you might want to file something into. Can anyone else here give better details?

Thanks again for the reply and hopefully (?!?) someone will reply

I find it odd that when I look at an email with my phone, there are two icons on the bottom, Trash (or Archive for Gmail) and the redirect arrow. The one button does a single action, the other does everything else. There seems to be a lot of room on the middle and left side of the message bottom that does not have any icons and would be nice to put our own shortcuts there. Are these left open on purpose for a future development or is there a way to modify it so we can put a redirect into folder or other such icon on that side?