iOS 12 and macOS Sierra

(James C Pittman Jr) #1

I have a MacBook Pro 15" (non-retina, mid-2012) running Sierra 10.12.6.
I have always updated my iPad Pro and iPhone 8 with iTunes.
I do not use WiFi to update the iPad or iPhone.
I do not use iCloud in any way whatever.
The MacBook Pro says no updates are available. iTunes is version 12.8.
Yesterday I started to update the iPad (now running iOS 11.4.1) to iOS 12. iTunes said an update was necessary. Apple does not say what the update is or what it does, except that it will allow the iOS update to happen.
I do NOT want to update this MacBook Pro to High Sierra or to Mojave at this time.
If I allow Apple to update the Mac, what is it going to do? Change the Mac’s firmware? Install a newer iTunes? Try to install Mojave?
I am not trusting Apple to do the right thing here.

(Al Varnell) #2

It needs to install an updated component of iTunes in order to properly deal with your iDevice(s). Most all of us got it, regardless of OS we were running. Didn’t even require a restart, but probably needs to quit iTunes before install.

(James C Pittman Jr) #3

Thanks for your reply. I installed iOS 12.0 on the iPad and all seems well.