iOS 11.3 Adds Battery Health Screen and Much More

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Worried about your iPhone battery? iOS 11.3 tells you if you need a replacement. The latest version of iOS also introduces the beta of Business Chat, shows videos in Apple Music, and features improvements to Safari.

Business Chat is interesting. If you look a participating company up in Maps, you might see a Messages button in their detail page. But I didn’t see it for a number of the supposed launch partners. And only 1-800-FLOWERS had a button on their Web site that I saw initially when searching in Safari.

More generally, I’d only think of searching in Maps if I was going there. Just a normal search from swiping down on the home screen never showed me a Messages button for the firms.

So I think it will have to be a lot easier to find if it’s to be a success. Or it will have to work with Siri…

cheers… -Adam

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Well, unless it’s like our refrigerator (I can never find anything in the fridge!), iOS 11.3 on my iPhone 5S doesn’t include the battery health option.

No, sorry, Battery Health starts with the iPhone 6.

The iPad charge management feature looks like an Apple version of the FruitJuice app on the Mac. Great to see, and nice to know that the FruitJuice advice is ‘endorsed’ by Apple (I’ve been using it for a couple of years now).

In iOS 11.3, a new Apple privacy icon icon appears when Apple asks for personal data. We haven’t seen this in action yet, but here’s what Apple says will happen.

If you open the TV app (ex-Video app), you will see an example of the new icon and messaging. It’s well done in my opinion, and also provides a single tap to see full details, with clear instructions of how to disable data sharing you’re not happy with.

Edit: the App Store also gives the new privacy screen.

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Apparently, in 11.3 you can update apps you downloaded in other App Store regions without having to change regions again.

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That is so great. I have traveled/moved a lot and purchased apps in several AppStores. This will make life so much easier. :)

Thanks for the heads-up. :)

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Aw man! I just realized I should have bought a GBP gift card when I was in London to establish a Europe—

No wait, I should have bought a EUR gift card in Amsterdam.


My iPhone 6 was dreadfully slow with iOS 11.0 - 11.2. It seems faster with 11.3. I read elsewhere that 11.3 throttles less until the phone has a spontaneous shutdown and that seems to be my experience. My battery currently shows 87% maximum capacity but that it currently supports normal peak performance. But it also says that the health is significantly degraded. I made a Genius Bar appointment to have the battery replaced on Saturday. I have had spontaneous shutdowns with iOS 11 but not since the 11.3 update. Maybe before Saturday I’ll let the battery drain to the point where there’s a spontaneous shutdown and see if the performance degrades again.

One thing that wasn’t fixed in iOS 11.3: when I use Apple’s Remote app and connect to the shared iTunes library on my iMac, the app crashes if I try to change the playback position with the time slider. Does anyone else have that issue?