International Verify Your Backups Day

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What better day than Friday the 13th to check that your backups are actually working by restoring some critical files?

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I’m pleased to say that my Time Machine backups were in full working order when I needed to restore some data back in January after the purchase of a new iMac due to my old one breaking down. I also have an online backup via Backblaze as added insurance.

How about Wednesday the 18th as a poor substitute? Booted to my CCC external drive so that I can do Clean Install on my internal hard drive. Boot was very slow but it got there.

There’s never a bad time to test. :slight_smile:

First boots are often slow, but it may be faster on a subsequent one. Though of course external drives are almost always slower than internal drives too.

My external firewire ssd is so much faster than my iMac internal disk that I now boot from the former and back up to the latter.

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th! Have you verified your backups today? We’ll assume that most are working, but let us know if you discovered a failure.

Great idea. Verified both my cloud and local Time Machine backups. The latter experience was a bit odd, but TM’s UI has always been a bit…unique.

When running through the backup date indicators (column on the right side of the TM window), at first nothing happened when I clicked on the BU from about a year ago. Uh, oh. So I tried something much more recent. The indicator for that BU date turned red when I pointed at it. Uh, oh again. But I went ahead and clicked, and that date’s window opened. So, I worked my way back in time. Every date indicator I pointed at was red, but every one of those dates’ windows opened. Finally got back to the original date I wanted, and now its indicator also turned red, and I was able to successfully restore a folder from that BU. Whew!

Not sure who thought using the color red to indicate an available backup was a good idea (like, how about green?), but the bottom line is I was able to verify TM is working properly.