Intermittently sluggish Magic Mouse

Every now and again, at random, Magic Mouse (both 2022 and earlier version) has to be dragged half way across the desk for a reasonable movement on screen. Switch off, recharge, different mouse mat, fiddling with System Preferences, all tried. Recovers spontaneously. Has anyone got an explanation or fix?

Typically this is a Bluetooth problem. But you omitted information on your hardware and OS so any ‘solution’ would be guesswork at best.

This is a long shot, but I’ve had success cleaning the eye out.


Like Diane, I clean it by blowing on the eye

24" iMac M1 but also noticed with old 2009 iMac with most up-to-date MacOS.
Thanks for all the hints!

If you have USB 3 cables (whether the connector is type-A or type-C), see if you can move them so they do not come between your mouse and your Mac and are not near the mousing-area on your desk.

The frequencies used by USB 3 are known to interfere with Bluetooth over short distances.


Somewhat off-topic, but I have two different versions of the Magic Mouse… and I’ve never figured out who has hands small enough to comfortably use that thing. (And my hands aren’t huge, only “medium” according to a glove chart.) I even saw something for sale on Amazon to stick onto the sides of it, to make it bigger. I often build or fix things myself, have thought about how I might do that… has anybody here ever physically enlarged a Magic Mouse for ergonomic reasons?