Intercepting/changing a single keystroke in a single application

Good morning!

Is there a setting or a system extension of some sort that would enable me to intercept/change a single keystroke in a single application?

Now that I’m working from home, I spend my entire day in front of my Mac, but for all my work I connect to my employer’s VPN and run Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a Windows 10 VM.

I am mostly able to deal with the difference between using the control key (when I’m in Windows) and using the command key (when I’m in Mac OS), with one exception – in Microsoft Remote Desktop, command-L locks the screen, and I frequently do that when I intend to go to the browser’s address bar (command-L in Mac OS, control-L in Windows).

What I’m looking for is some way to intercept the command-L keystroke when I’m in Microsoft Remote Desktop, either substituting control-L or just ignoring it. (I have other ways I can lock the session if I need to, so I don’t actually need command-L.)

Any suggestions?



Keyboard Maestro would do it, and lots more. Might be overkill.

To ignore it: System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Hit +.

You can make Command - L trigger Copy which should be harmless.


As @paalb suggests, you can assign, change or unassign any shortcut in any application using System Settings/Preferences. (You don’t have to re-assign the shortcut. Just assign an empty string to the command you want to disable.)

Sometimes typing the command name precisely the way System Settings wants can be tricky – especially if there is ambiguity in more than one sub-menu. Houdah Software has a free utility to help with that.