Intego VirusBarrier and Full Disk Access

I have had a problem with Intego VirusBarrier which Intego has been attempting to solve since February, 2023, with no luck so far. When my iMac or my wife’s iMac reboots VirusBarrier will intermittently (about 80% of the time on my iMac and 30% of the time on my wife’s iMac) will send up an alert box requiring that I once again go into System Settings and again grant Full Disk Access to VirusBarrier. Intego Support has advised that they have heard of this issue from others, and continue to attempt to find a fix. Have any readers here had the problem? I have on multiple time provided a Verbose Logging file to Intego Support, and descriptions of our systems. Both are running the latest Mac OS and the latest VirusBarrier. Both systems have external drives which host TimeMachine and a Carbon Copy Cloner clone of the main drive. Any help would be most appreciated. I do not have this issue with any other programs that use Full Disk Access. Once granted, the program “remembers” the permission on each reboot. Thanks!

Is this the paid version of VirusBarrier or free version? I’ve had no such problems with the latter, but only use it sparingly for testing purposes.

The paid version - 3 computer license, VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. I’ve used it for years with no problems, until this last February when it began demanding Full Disk Access at almost every reboot, even though it had been granted.