Inside iOS 12: Do Not Disturb Learns to Turn Itself Off

(Adam Engst) #1

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In iOS 12, Apple lets you manually invoke Do Not Disturb sessions that automatically turn themselves off at appropriate times. A new Bedtime mode is also welcome and can be used to create a second Do Not Disturb schedule.

(Diane D) #2

These are great new features! I started using DND over the winter and it’s been a huge help to me (I’m sure my clients don’t see it that way, and one quickly figured out how to break through anyway).

One thing stuck out though - it said that it will dim the screen a hide notifications at bedtime. Does this currently work now if you nave Bedtime on? Or is it a new feature for DND combined with Bedtime?


(Adam Engst) #3

You’ll need to enable the Bedtime switch in Settings > Do Not Disturb, as shown in the third screenshot for it to do this.

(Simon) #4

To me this is actually the ideal option.

I turn on DND when I go to bed. I can’t set up a schedule because my bedtime changes from day to day depending on workload. My issue is that I sometimes forget to turn it off in the morning (small icon at the top).

To me the option to turn it on and at the same time tell it to turn off again at 7am is very useful. Sure, being able to adjust that 7am time would be nice, but for starters this will do just fine.

(Diane D) #5

I have mine set from 9pm to 9am. Granted 9am is a little late, but it allows me to get a workout in or get an 1-2 hours of semi-uninterrupted work in (except for the client that figured out how to break through).

I thought 9pm was early but I typically leave my phone upstairs once I am “done working”.

I have often turned it on while at a client or doctor and then forget to turn it back off for hours.

I’ve also been unpleasantly surprised when I turn on DND and forget I have an alarm turned on - that would be a nice feature to add too i.e. “Also turn off alarms until DND is turned off?”

I get messages on my MBP and iPad so it’s not like people can’t find me if they really want. I just find phone calls to be really intrusive.


(Doug Miller) #6

Since it’s been able to be scheduled I have set dnd to turn on at 11pm and off at 7am. If I go to bed earlier (which is not all that often), I just turn it on manually and the off at 7am still is honored. I don’t have a scheduled wake time most days so I don’t really need the new bedtime feature. I’m almost always up before 7 and if I remember I just turn off dnd manually (usually on my watch, which is mirrored to the phone) but if I don’t remember to turn it back on it doesn’t really bother me.

(Adam Engst) #7

Your bedtime must vary a lot more than mine. I set DND to turn on at 11 PM and off at 8 AM. Rather than fiddle with it every day, I turn it off manually if I need notifications after 11 PM or before 8 AM—that happens much less frequently.

(Oakwine) #8

There’s an app called AutoSilent which allows you to mute (but not stop vibrations) based on calendar events, locations, specific schedules, or a countdown timer. I highly recommend it, and I wish DND would adopt its settings.

(Fearghas McKay) #9

We had a doctor’s appointment for one of the children yesterday, Siri offered to enable DND for the duration according to the calendar entry. Siri does lots of neat stuff like this, the new Siri learning features move it from a novelty to an assistant that has just blended into my daily life since WWDC.

(Alan Forkosh) #10

I was a concert last night, so I experimented with DND with the “While at this location” option. It stayed on until I was about 2 blocks away. So, this is useful for appointments away from one’s usual place, but may not be useful in an office or campus environment where one’s normal location may not be far enough away from a meeting to turn DND off.

Alan Forkosh Oakland, CA

(John Burt) #12

I followed the link to the Do Not Disturb While Driving article. (I only recently obtained access to DNDWD.) I have an older car and use an add-on Hinbox bluetooth device to play music or podcasts, and take calls (rare). What affect would DNDWD have on that?

(Adam Engst) #13

Phone calls are dealt with using the standard DND rules. Here’s the Apple support document about it:

(Nick Pappas) #15

I have an iPhone X with iOS 12. when I go to the Control Center and put my finger on the DND icon, nothing appears. no matter how long I hold my finger on it.

I have DND turned on in Settings. is there some other setting that needs to be enabled?

(Adam Engst) #16

If you have an iPhone X, try “pushing” harder to invoke 3D Touch.