In Your Face Provides Persistent Notifications for Events and Tasks

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Tired of being late to meetings because you were focused on a task and missed a subtle notification in the corner of the screen? The In Your Face app takes over the entire Mac screen for its alerts, ensuring you never miss an event again.

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Intriguing app that I’m inclined to like more than the timer in the default clock app. I don’t really need it for meetings and I don’t use Apple Reminders much, but I took an existing Reminders workflow for Alfred, made a new list, tweaked the script, and only letting In Your Face see that one reminder list.

We’ll see if this sticks!

Then there was “Remember” at Xerox PARC in the 80’s. It was even more in your face than In Your Face.

I’m a fan of what I think of as “ambient information.” Stuff that’s not in your face, but enough in your environment that it does sink in.

There used to be a Mac app called Blotter, but that’s been abandonware for years. There’s another app clearly inspired by it called WallCal that’s also pretty good. And of course now we can have persistent widgets on our desktop. I like WallCal in week view better than a calendar widget, but the widget is a decent option.

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Microsoft Teams is notorious for letting alarms go unnoticed because the alarm sound is routed to the same device I use for my meetings – which is my Plantronics headset using sitting its desktop charger.

So I keep missing meetings. I’ll have to see if this will link to the Teams calendar.