In 2 of 5 HomePod minis humidity and temperature sensors don't work

Any suggestions what to do about 2 of my 5 HomePod minis which do not show humidity and temperature sensor information at all? In the Home settings for the failing devices the sensors report (translated from German) “This device does not answer”. They do answer to other Siri requests, though.
So far I had previously tried only the one in the living room and it did respond when being asked via Siri and supplied humidity and temperature information on various occasions. And it did successfully control a humidifier we have attached to a smart outlet.
Not sure when it stopped working, but it was already before updating to 16.3.2 today.
All HomePods are running on the latest software 16.3.2, all are in different rooms.
I did reset them to no avail. Why are 3 showing sensor information and 2 don’t? :confused:

There is a calibration delay, perhaps patience will bring the sensors online. I wasn’t paying strict attention, but it wasn’t until the next day after updating that I noticed that I was getting results from mine.

I found out over the days since my initial post that this problem comes and goes without me having any clue why this happens.
When asking Siri to report the humidity percentage for a given room, it sometimes replies “HomePod sensor (followed by the six digit number of that sensor) reacts a bit slow.” (translated from German).
I wonder whether this is a problem with online or wifi connectivity. But it is not always the same of my 5 HomePod minis behaving that way, and it is never all five at the same time…
My frustration level with Siri, HomePod minis and the Home app has risen since 2021 to a considerable height, so that meanwhile my expectations have become pretty limited…

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