Importing Palm's Desktop into Apple Calendar

As a very long term user of the Palm handhelds and Desktop, I’m desperately looking for a method of cleanly importing Palm’s Desktop into Apple’s Calendar. So far all my efforts have resulted in major duplications and corruptions. While I can still use Snow Leopard, I’m OK, but most times I’m using El Capitan, which kills the Palm system ( and Appleworks).

Please tell me if there is a workable solution,


Apologies in advance for the sketchiness of this answer; I was reviewing my notes from 2008 (!!) on how I migrated calendar data from my Palm device to my iPhone via my Mac – and in the process, moved calendar data to iCal on my Mac.

The key component to getting calendar data into iCal was a 3rd Party app called The Missing Sync for Palm. I’m not 100% sure, but from my notes, it looks like it either synced, or could sync, between the Palm Desktop and iCal/Contacts/etc.

Here’s a link to a review in MacWorld for The Missing Sync for Palm 5.1, which worked with Intel Macs.

The company, Mark/Space, appears to still be in business, but (as you might expect) all their Missing Sync products have been discontinued. Interestingly, they have a support page where there’s a link to downloads for old Missing Sync versions, including the Palm OS versions.

Hope this helps!

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Hi bookrats,

Many thanks for your quick response. I must admit that MSfP had crossed my mind, though swiftly , like a ghost, ass I’d used it many years ago (from memory, doing as you did, onto a Power Macintosh 7300). It was a p a i n. and occasionally unstable.

The idea of migrating the calendar to the iPhone is very attractive . . . . and during a search of a very old HD found Missing Sync for iPhone v2.0.3 (27). There seems a need to install Fliq Notes, Tasks & Docs. Also Missing Sync for Palm OS (v6.0.6) - running this in Safe mode in Snow Leopard crashed.

So there will be much time sharing experimenting with this and cutting firewood for the current winter

Again thank you, I’ve now some hope,