Images missing in weekly TidBITS mail

Why are all the images in the weekly TidBITS email replaced by a small box with a question mark? (I’m using Apple Mail.)

Do you have Mail Privacy Protections turned on?

I have seen this elsewhere, not often, just once in a while.

There’s a setting “Load remote content in messages” (Big Sur, might be called differently in other macOS). You can click on “Load remote content” for each email to see such content.

And there is sometimes a failure to load this content, even when it should show, even when you did click on “Load remote content”. In that case it shows the question mark. I don’t know how to diagnose any further.

Is this happening each week or just once? We did change something a few weeks back to improve the quality of the images in email, but that increased the size of the downloads too.

FWIW, we looked into this when I reported the same problem several months ago. I don’t think we came to any cause or solution. However, I still have the problem, and it is exclusive to my TidBITS email. The workaround is simple enough: I turn off both “Protect Mail Activity”, and “Hide IP Address” in Mail preferences, then re-select the email. The images then load, and when I turn “Protect Mail Activity” back on, they persist. Clearly not the way it should work, but the process costs a few seconds once per week, so probably not worth any further effort to solve.

The images did show up this week.

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