If I want to use steps rather than the Fitness app to track calories, is there a way to automate that? Discussion

I like the Fitness app on my Series 1 Watch because I can track how things are going during my walks, and I can look at maps afterwards, and everything syncs to MyFitnessPal.

On the downside, it really eats up battery. I can’t be out all do logging multiple walks that way and hope to get through the day on one charge.

On the other hand, I notice that the Watch automatically adds calories to MyFitnessPal based on steps taken. For example, today I’ve walked 10,961 steps so far while volunteering at the Olympics here in Tokyo.

The Watch gave me 111 calories credit in MyFitnessPal for that.

I actually think that’s low, because various step calculators let you calculate calories burned by height, weight, and average speed and I think I should have gotten at least 3 times that many calories. So using the average speed for that many steps at a normal pace I added a walking exercise of 98 minutes, which brought my total burned calories up to what I thought it should be.

My questions are, what do you think about this as a battery saving idea? And is there a way of automating the whole process more so that the Watch updates MyFitnessPal with calories from steps automatically, just bypassing the whole Fitness app altogether?