iCloud mail problems?

(Tom Gewecke) #1

For the last few days I’ve had constant problems with icloud mail servers timing out, so that messages aren’t sent or moved to trash or imap mailboxes right away. Normal behavior will resume some time later on. Nothing has changed with my system.

Is anyone else seeing this?

(Adam Engst) #2

Apple’s system status page isn’t helpful in this case, since it reports everything as normal, but it’s worth checking generally:


(Adam Engst) #3

And maybe you were just noticing before Apple updated.

(Tom Gewecke) #4

Interesting! I seem to have fixed my problem at least temporarily by playing with TLS in the account settings.

(James R Cutler) #5

I called in an iCloud login problem before the Apple status page updated and the helpful first line agent insisted that I must restart my computer. I insisted that she should [be intelligent enough to] forward my report.

I have no idea if she did so, but since the problem existed on multiple browsers and multiple systems, I did not restart my production system. The Apple status page update occurred about 30 minutes later.