iCloud Login Loop (MacOS 10.15.7)

I got a notification that I needed to Update Apple ID Settings (Some account settings will not be available until you sign in again).

In System Preferences > Apple ID, I click on Continue and get a pop-up window with the same message and Click on Continue in the pop-up which sometimes leads me here:

I enter my Apple ID password and it gets accpted but nothing changes. I’m still told that I need to update my Apple ID settings. And then after a short while, I”m prompted for my Mac password which I enter successfully without any change.

I’ve tried logging out of iCloud, rebooting, and logging back in to iCloud but the issue persists.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I ran into this on at least two of my home machines. The reason seems to be that the licensing terms for iCloud had changed, but the preferences panel won’t present you with the dialog where you’re supposed to read and agree to them.

The solution was to go to icloud.com in a web browser and sign-in there. That will give you the opportunity to click the “I Agree” button without actually reading the licensing terms, as we all know everyone does. After that the preferences panel should work.