iCloud.com emails being treated as spam emails

Recently a number of people receiving my icloud.com emails say my emails ended up in their spam folders. I am trying to work out why and why recently.

My recipients use either Windows of Apple OS. I haven’t been able to isolate whether the spammed designated emails were sent from my iMac, iPhone or iPad. My ISP said their service was not the cause. Apple said its iCloud service should not be the problem. I checked with the Apple user community and seems that others are having this issue. I am using an old iMac and maybe the most recent release is the cause.

My Apple ID and my email address are @icloud.com, but with different user names. The Apple person to whom I spoke debated whether this was the problem.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received as this can be a nuisance at times.

Have any of your recipients sent you back a copy of one of those emails? Having that might show you which server added the spam tag, and what rule it failed. Be sure to have them display the raw source of the email, and copy and paste the entire source into a new email back to you. A simple forward might not have all the information.

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This site has tips for email marketing - how to avoid spam! The tips might help you troubleshoot…

Good luck!

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Thank you and I will do as you suggest.