I’m a Paramedic: Here’s How the Apple Watch Series 4 Will and Won’t Save Lives

(Adam Engst) #21

Maybe you were falling prey to ennui. :slight_smile:

(Maria) #22

The Series 4 also provides the feature of fall detection, which was not available in the previous series.

(Maria) #23

Great article! Thanks for the concise information. I did want to mention that as of Series 3, Apple watches no longer need to be tethered to an iPhone. That version of the watch does cost more than the gps only version and does require a monthly fee to a cellular provider, so there are still extra costs associated with the watch, but it may provide an option for some people who do not want to also have to buy an iPhone.

(Mark Williamson) #24

I’m pretty sure you still need the paired iPhone to manage the Watch (update the OS, load apps, backup/restore). You just don’t need to carry the phone with you for as many tasks.

(Adam Engst) #25

Yes, that’s correct. An iPhone is necessary to set up and manage the Apple Watch.

The interesting fact I learned recently is that a cellular Apple Watch can reportedly still call emergency services even if you don’t have a cell plan for it.

(Richard Rettke) #26

Your comment about the watch calling emergency services resurrected a memory in regards to cell phones in general. A quick search revealed the following;

Sometimes a defunct cell phone will still be able to call 911.

In order for the phone to call 911, it has to have a working signal. It does not have to have a contract with a carrier (meaning you can’t call any other number and can’t receive calls). If you have a phone that will no longer be able to reach a working cell tower, either because you’ve moved to the Andes or because the phone company is discontinuing service, you won’t be able to reach 911 on that phone anymore. Other than the fact that 911 is available with or without a service contract on both mobile phones and landlines, there isn’t any significant difference between calls to 911 and other phone calls.

Knowing that an old mobile phone will call 911 is important for a couple of reasons. First, if you couldn’t afford service and had to shut it off, you at least have a way to call 911 in a pinch. Second, knowing that they could accidentally call 911, you shouldn’t let kids play with old, working cell phones.

I don’t know if this applies to countries with a different Emergency Response number but would be surprised if not.

I found this on https://www.verywellhealth.com/can-my-old-defunct-cell-phone-still-call-911-1298359

(Afib) #27

Hi, I have purchased an Apple Watch 4 for its heart rate function only, in Australia the heart rate monitoring function does not work. I get readings of 60 Bpm to 160 bpm within a few seconds. I also use a a ‘Kardia’ product which gives me an ecg over 30 seconds to my iphone or ipad which I have used to compare the apple watch 4 Hr function. Whilst the Ecg function is yet to made available at the moment Apple is falsely promoting the Apple Watch 4 in its ability to provide an actual real time accurate heart rate, I have had to resort to using a “Polar” chest strap with the Apple watch 4 to get accurate actual heart rates.
Note I am in permanent AF my heart does not go below 100bpm

(Al Varnell) #28

Not sure why your location would make any difference, but here in Mountain View, California, mine has been spot on every time I’ve checked.


(Afib) #29

Hi Al, I have checked the Apple watch 4s heart rate monitor against an old polar sports watch with chest strap as well as a ‘krardia’ device which gives an ECG over 30 seconds, the Apple watch has never been able to give a real time heart rate for me when compared to the other devices I’ve mentioned ( which I have verified when having ECG’s performed by my cardiologist . It is possible that when Apple make the ECG function on the Apple watch 4 available that it might give a more actual heart rate not a pulse. In addition Al I am in permanent Afib you might have a normal heart ie: when I sleep my HR is 11bpm to 160 bpm

(Adam Engst) #30

Sounds like you may have a bad unit. I’d recommend calling Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store and seeing if you can get a replacement.