How to Take Photos and Scan Documents with Continuity Camera in Mojave

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The new Continuity Camera feature in macOS 10.14 Mojave lets you use your iPhone or iPad to take photos and scan documents on your Mac. Josh Centers explains how it works and how best to integrate it into your workflows.

One of those features that feels like the 21st Century.

Thanks for that great summary, Josh. Sounds like an absolutely great feature!

I really look forward to Mojave and iOS 12 after reading that. The latter seems a no-brainer on my iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2. Mojave on my work Mac might take a bit more time though. :wink:

This looks handy (though perhaps using the excellent Scanbot app to create a PDF in Dropbox is actually a more practical way to scan documents).

However, it’s not currently working for my 2015 MBP and iPhone SE. The camera app doesn’t launch, and the dialog on the Mac times out.

If the iPhone screen is asleep, the Mac says: “Wi-Fi is not enabled on the device” – hardly the most useful error message. Roll on 10.14.1.