How to Set Up Custom Email Domains with iCloud Mail

@ace Yeah, I suppose you’re right in that respect. For some, the ease of keeping what they have coming in to their current inbox, and carrying on without dealing with an account switch over is the biggest attraction. :slight_smile:

Although, if you’re setting up a completely new family email system (obviously Apple aren’t aiming this at any type of business usage beyond maybe a sole trader), IMO I still think most would likely be better off with something else like Fastmail or other, at least for the better tech support benefits and should they want to expand email aliases later – even with the small cost involved.

Totally agreed — I’d never encourage anyone to set up a custom email domain and use iCloud as the backend if there isn’t already a ton of history there.

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I found a reasonable domain for my kids, and iCloud mail is one of my options for the backend. If they don’t like it later, they can switch it to something another backend. I already pay for Apple One.

I use a different domain for myself, with Fastmail as a backend.

I recently set up a new domain+email for my sister’s side business. Google Suite hasn’t been free for a long time AFAICT. I set hers up with Zohomail, which still was free.

As an alternative to Fastmail, and for low-volume use, I’ve heard that Migadu email is OK as well.

I’m just trying it out now and get the same result. Nope–no idea. Given this is now being postponed, I suspect it’s on ice for a while anyway. Oh, well. I have a nice, shiny new domain to try it with …

FWIW, you can reach the FeedBack Assistant on the web at . It’s the same tool for reporting bugs on iOS and macOS, but online. You can report the issue against the beta iCloud there. I don’t know whether the public-facing feedback form does the same thing or not, but if you file into the bug reporter you might get a response (but probably not unless it’s been widely reported).

A few years ago, I decided to go to war against spam. I was getting around 50 to 80 per day.

I have had my own domain address for 20 years and I suppose, especially in the old days, it would be harvested from those endlessly infected PCs, when PC viruses were all the rage.

Going to war meant buying a 2nd domain and using it uniquely for throw away email addresses. So anywhere that asked for an email address, got one of those and my 20 year old email is used solely for email with people I know, or for business. The crux/enabler though, was that my domain name provider, added Sieve filters to its service. So using these, I’ve been able to simply reject everything that isn’t legit and on the 3 occasions that one of these disposable email address has been procured by a spammer, it took less than 2 minutes to delete and I never hear from the spammers again. Crucially though and unlike Junk/Spam filters, I don’t have to go through my mail to check for ‘false positives’. That’s the thing with Junk/Spam filters… you still have to check everything. So they only delay the hassle. They don’t eliminate it.

So it was with a little ironic smile today, that I see that Apple are introducing something similar with iCloud+ in Monterey. You will be able to easily generate disposable email addresses in order to be able to protect your email address from baddies. This won’t help for addresses that are already receiving a lot of spam, but it will help going forward, by reducing future abuse. I wonder if this will be available for ‘own domain’ addresses as well?? There was mention of only 3 aliases, but this looks like a different feature.

Maybe someone at Apple read about my system :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :slightly_smiling_face: which, BTW, worked. I won the war and I’m down to a handful of spam a year.

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