How to Prevent Incessant iOS 12 Beta Prompts

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If you’re running the beta of iOS 12 and getting non-stop prompts to update even though you’re running the latest beta, here’s a workaround.

And Apple has now released updates to both the developer beta and the public beta to eliminate these prompts.

Several people on Twitter have suggested that changing the date is a more dangerous workaround than it would seem. Although I didn’t experience any of these problems, they said that changing the date could cause problems with HealthKit data, iCloud syncing, Photos edit syncing, iMessage sort order, and more.

The point is moot now that Apple has released new betas of iOS 12, but it’s probably best not to mess with the date on your iOS device.

The version is called iOS 12 Beta 10. Looks like they’re pulling it and reverting to the previous version.

iOS 12 Beta 12 also made my phone run very hot and caused apps to completely crash.