How to Get the Most from Your Apple Card Benefits

Apple just released it to all US customers today, but still no word about other countries. I’ll bet financial regulations vary everywhere, so it may be a slow spread internationally.

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My wife and I just signed up for our Apple Cards today. It was so easy that only until after we were already signed up did I realize that EACH CARD is a different account and must be paid separately. This is unlike Capital One and Citibank and American Express. Those companies permit additional users to be added to an account and additional credit cards are issued to the additional users, BUT IT IS STILL ONLY ONE ACCOUNT THAT MUST BE TRACKED. I spoke to an AppleCare Senior Advisor for Apple Card today and he told me no, Apple Cards cannot be combined. One card per Apple ID. So I asked what about Family Sharing? Can I use Apple Card the way I use Family Sharing? The answer is again NO. He put an Apple Card advisor at Goldman Sachs on the phone and she also confirmed that it is not possible. Both persons did say they would provide feedback about this issue.

BTW, when you call AppleCare and you are asked what product or service you want help with, ‘Apple Card’ does not work. You have to say ‘Apple Pay’.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same iTunes gift card sales. I agree that the “online discounters” look shady. I have often purchased iTunes gift cards for myself and as gifts from online sites of regular retailers for 15-20% off. These retailers seem to have these sales 3-4 times a year. I have purchased multiple times from:
PayPal Digital Gifts
Best Buy

I’ve never had a problem with them and the ecards are emailed within a couple of hours.

The arbitration clause is a concern. See
how to get out of the arbitration agreement